Support Auto Recycling

The use and reuse of metal and steel is not an entirely new market or concept. It has just been brought to light amidst the worldwide effort to save the environment and minimize or stop the effects of global warming. Policies from governments and states have turned many sectors around to support the cause of stopping climate change. With a lot of struggle, the efforts of having individuals and businesses to care about the environment have started to bear fruit. One industry whose outlook has changed most is the automotive industry where most of greenhouse gases come from.

It is no secret that the exhaust from cars creates a lasting effect on the environment. While the warning was ignored decades ago, it is heeded now and many car companies have taken measures in order to help prevent more damage brought on by cars. Hybrid cars that run on less fuel or bio fuel have become popular not only among activists but among Hollywood stars that support the cause. Another step that the industry has taken is the creation of cars that have minimal environmentally hazardous materials and is, instead, almost entirely recyclable. The cause is gaining momentum and it is time that you joined in the effort of saving the world.

Currently, one in four cars is made up of at least 25% of recycled steel from old cars. While the number is good, one still has to consider the fact that car ownership rates have steadily gone up which may mean production and mining of more steel needs to be in order. While you cannot really stop someone from buying a car, the best way to go in this case is to keep the proportion of new cars and end-of-life vehicles balance in check.

Cars left to rot in the landfill have devastating effect on the environment. If gases, fuel, and battery fluid are left in the car, these could easily leak out of their tanks and make their way to soil or drainage systems. If these substances snake their way to sewers and water storages, then they would easily contaminate water supply causing disease. Meanwhile, tires left in heaps or stocks damages the soil or ground it is on, which renders the area unstable and unfit for construction. The rubber material in tires also seeps through soil, starting a devastating effect that, over a period of time, kills the soil and its nutrients.

Car recycling is one of the easiest ways you can take participation in the effort of saving the world. It only takes a bit of effort on your part, too. Instead of just disposing your car in a vacant lot, take it to a junk yard or a scrap yard and ask them to recycle it instead. Not only are you joining the cause for battling global warming, you are also taking steps in ensuring the survival of the next generation. With such tiny efforts, you can really change the world.